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A Womens Fashion Clothing Brand Online to Open a Store at Priory Shopping Centre!

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A women’s high street fashion clothing brand that also has its presence online is about to open a new store at the Priory Shopping Centre next year. Known as 'Select', the brand started advertising for the need of a sales assistant and a store manager during its workshop this year. This has given rise to a speculation that it might open its store.


Select at Priory Shopping Centre:

The popular chain that also offers Masai clothing has confirmed that it will open the store at Priory Shopping Centre next year in February. The brand will prove to be a competition to other fashion retailers like New Look and Peacocks. People are quite welcoming the brand. However, some are in two minds about the success that the brand might achieve. The Priory Shopping Centre manager David Aunin decided not to comment on the opening of the store.

Buy the best:

There are several online and street stores based in the UK that offer excellent selection of women’s fashion clothing. And don't worry if you are on the heavier side. Masai clothing is always there for you. What else can you ask for? If you believe in dressing up according to the trends, get in touch with one of the best brands in the UK here!

Masai Clothing Brands Will Make Its Mark at the Harveys of Halifax Competition!

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When it comes to winning £500 by entering a women's fashion competition, who would like to give it a miss? Several contestants have taken part in the grand competition Harveys of Halifax will win a new wardrobe which includes Masai clothing as well! The company also gave an extra week for the women who had not filled the entry form before the draw took place.


The purpose:

The purpose behind this competition was to celebrate Harveys store’s womens fashion section that added numerous top lines like Two Danes, Adini, Junge Nomads as well as Sahara. The first avenue range of the store has been divided into two collections and brands like Olsen, Gerry Weber and Betty Barclay have also been added. And how can one forget the popular Masai clothing?

The winners take it all:

When it comes to Womens fashion clothing on line, it is difficult to stop the ladies! Harveys of Halifax in association with Courier has announced a fabulous prize for the lucky reader which includes £500 for spending on at the Harvey's Rawson Street store, a makeover in cosmetics with a hamper of a-grade beauty products and last but not the least, a meal for two at the store in the restaurant.

All about the store:

Harveys was launched in the year 1951 and it is a family business owned by the fourth generation. Over the years, the store underwent a drastic transformation from a general fashion store to a modernized store by retaining its high standards of service. You will also be able to find a new coat department having a collection of sportswear, faux fur as well as cloth coats.

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Go Flirtatious with These Women???s Fashion Clothing Tips on Valentine's Day!

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There are few days left to feel the love in the air! And the biggest question for the women going out on a date on Valentine's Day is “What will I wear?” You will find numerous women’s fashion clothing advice on different online forums but very few might be really useful. Whether you are a plus sized woman who prefers masai clothing or a slim woman who likes to wear figure hugging attires, you must follow certain tips when going out on a date on Valentine's day. Here are some of them:

Women's Fashion Clothing

Make it flirty:

Of course, you are going out on a date and not for an adventure. So make sure that you wear flirty combinations. There is some attire that looks like they are two different pieces. But actually, it is one dress. If you are on the healthier side, you can choose to wear a loose top and a flirty floral skirt which will look perfect on the V-day. You can also choose to wear masai clothing and feel confident.

Be Bold:

Don't wear the same old look of a date. Valentine's Day is the time to get a little experimental. If you are of a short stature, you can choose to wear attire having a long leather panel which will make you look like you have a good height. A little bit of colour can be added to it by wearing an accessory or carrying a clutch along. If you are not sure, search more on women’s fashion clothing online.

Rock in Red:

Red and pink are the colours that depict love. So they will never look out of fashion when worn on the day of love. If you are unsure about the colour of the dress or are wondering about the appropriateness of the colour that you have chosen, go with the red. It is the most flirtatious colour and reveals all the love. Choose a wide neckline, a flirty skirt length and you are done!
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Wear The Following Masai Clothing This Autumn and Look Great!

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When it comes to womens' fashion in general, picking the right clothes is a different story. But when the Autumn sets in, it brings along fabulous jackets, shoes, tights and other wardrobe collections that are a must have.

Masai_Womens fashion in general

For those who are unaware, Masai clothing range is a perfect brand for the fashion friendly women who prefer to wear layered and relaxing clothing range. Several online fashion stores keep this clothing as a part of their stocks. So what's in for this autumn? Take a look:

Beret style hats:

Several women love to wear fabulous berets during the autumn season. As the fall approaches, it is one of the best and the most popular options chosen by women. And when they are in contrast with their clothing, they look amazing! If you want to look gorgeous this season, it would be the most 'in thing' to wear. Try it!

Leopard shoes:

When it comes to Masai fashion, Leapord shoes are quite popular. If you fancy heels and want to wear them occasionally, consider wearing the Leopard printed shoes. You might find celebrities flaunting it at various events. Make sure you match it with your clothing for autumn and walk on the streets with confidence!

Skirts that speak Autumn:

Even if you research about womens' fashion in general, the flowery skirts will always be mentioned. Buy a full circle skirt having autumnal prints. And if they have cute buttons, nothing like them! Wear it on the pastel coloured shirts or tees if you want them to look cool and in vogue.

Leather gloves:

With the arrival of autumn and season change, your skin might get dry. Why not wear a pair of leather gloves to protect your hands? Choose colours like deep brown, dark green and other colours that go with your attire. And once you buy them, better take care of them as putting them on and off repeatedly might make you forget them somewhere.

So are you ready to shop for the autumn? Check out the different ranges and styles on different online forums!