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5 Step Manual to Choose The Best Waste Disposal Company!

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ndustries inevitably need waste disposal Essex company every now and then. This waste needs to be disposed off in an environment friendly manner or else they can be slapped with huge fines from the council. The same goes with the disposal of interceptor waste. To cope up with this requirement of yours, here are some of the tips which will help in the best disposal company.

interceptor waste Essex

Company reliability:

Reliability can be checked on the basis of previous experiences when the company promised but never turned up. This can jeopardise the progress of your company posing serious threat to health and safety of your workers and also heavy fines from the council.

Environment friendly option:

Not many know where your industrial waste is getting dumped. As a citizen of this earth it is everybody’s responsibility to keep it healthy. Hence the disposal of these type of waste has to be in an environment friendly option.

Effective customer service:

Your waste collection might be done frequently but the company you use must provide you excellent service. Just one call and they should be able to dispose your waste, that called effective customer service. There are many companies in Essex offering excellent services to their customers.

Other services:

Wouldn’t it be excellent if you are provided with other services along with the services you actually requested for? Food waste, separate bin’s and paper shredding are some of the other services which a company can offer.

Money matters:

You can always debate on the cost but if there is a fair mix of good services and money then it should be fine. Cheap is not always the best whereas the same goes with the expensive option too. Waste disposal Essex including interceptor waste can be removed by many companies in Essex.

5 Steps to Choose the Best Waste Disposal Company!

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It is understandable that choosing a professional to dispose of waste professionally is a challenging task. Inorder to assist you this challenging task we have compiled a list of most important things you should consider on which the onus of waste disposal Essex laid.

interceptor waste

Their reliability:

Majority of the people can lose their mind for just waiting on the promised date and no one turns up to collect the waste. There are many health and safety issues attached with it and is frustrating when these companies fail to understand this. Hence choose the one who is reliable and collects waste on a timely basis.

Environmental issues:

Did you know that you can incur huge fines from the council if your interceptor waste isn’t disposed off properly. You have all the right to know where these environmental hazards are disposed off. Their improved rate of recycling has positive effect on the environment.

Customer service:

At one point of the time there are going to be issues and so you need someone with effective customer service. Aftercare service along with the on time dispatch plays an important role in satisfying the customers. There are many waste disposal service companies in Essex offering excellent customer service.


With the growing competition it is difficult to survive in the market and only thing which can get them going is their service and add-on’s. Their pick up service and other service can save you your precious time and hard earned money.

Cost of disposal:

Customers get convinced if there is a good balance between the cost and services on offer. If good service is assured then compromising with the price is a good option. Interceptor waste can now be dealt with environment friendly manner from experts in Essex.

Getting Ride OF Interceptor Waste Saves money And Resources Both!

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Interceptors also called as oil catchers, water tank or commonly called as a drainage system are installed in many industrial sites, garages, car parks and factories. The interceptor helps in preventing the water to get contaminated by oil, liquid, petrol, dirt and other debris and prevents the contamination to mix with the water courses or other sewage system.

waste disposal Essex

So it acts like a good mediator not allowing the bad (contaminants) to ever mix with the good (water) but sometimes due to negligence the waste get accumulated in the system creating menace and this is a reason why interceptors should be cleaned properly, regularly and cautiously, only with the help of a good waste disposal company in Essex who have the experience and technology in interceptor waste disposal. The interceptor waste should be taken care of by fully licensed waste disposal service providing company in Essex and see that they dispose of the waste legally. Cleaning the interceptor waste regularly gives a peace of mind and the following benefits:

  • Prevents oils and other contaminants from polluting watercourses
  • Keeps the sewage systems clean.
  • Prevent any leakage into the drainage system
  • Reducing any risk of dangers to the environment.
  • Reduces the risk of leakage
  • Chances of flooding and blockage gets low

It is important to clean the interceptor to avoid any emergency call outs. With regular interceptor cleaning services you can minimise the cost, and prevent pollution. The waste disposal company not only cleans the interceptors but also re-charges the system with clean water. There are companies providing services in waste disposal in Essex who can remove interceptor waste efficiently and also get your company registered with the Environment agency enabling the waste to be removed at an authorised site.

3 Major Benefits of Getting Waste Disposal!

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Stricter norms are being proposed every now and then simply to make environment cleaner. This has lead to the evolution of various terms like waste disposal, waste management and recycling. There are specific instruments used to get this done as it’s not a DIY method. For people who are new to these terms, here are 3 things that one needs to know about the above terms.

interceptor waste, Essex

Increased awareness:

According to recent census the rise of recycling and waste management has increased to a major extent. This has almost doubled in recent times due to more awareness and also due to stricter environmental laws. Interceptor waste has been removed to a larger extent as the companies wouldn’t like to incur fine from council especially in Essex.

Option of producing new products:

With the products that can be recycled, their waste disposal will help in producing new products without putting in more effort. There is a lot of effort and materials that can be saved by using the latest recycling techniques.

Save a lot of money:

Waste management and recycling has facilitated more employment and since old materials are used again it save a bit of investment too. Reinvestment can be avoided by this technique where you use things that are readily available.

Industrial waste can also be avoided with the help of interceptor waste management in Essex. There is simply everything that can be treated and new product can be produced from that.

Interceptor Waste Disposal Technique for Contaminated Fluids!

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Waste from the repair depots and service stations can be separated with the help of interceptor waste disposal treatment plant. Salient feature of this treatment is that it separates water which is contaminated with oil, sediments and other large rags mixed with it. For further simplification here is how this plant works.

Treatment plant:

At the start the mixture is exposed to gravity for the removal of larger object from entering the processing system. These larger objects are collected in the debris basket off the reception ramp. Next in turn for the treatment is the oil mixed in water. Oil is first allowed to sediment and pumped into separation tank. This separated oil is later sent for recovery or disposed off. Repeating the process the contaminated water is extracted and sent to a tank already holding some water are discharged together. The filter cake is later removed and used on site according to the requirement. For this type of treatment done in Essex, environmental regulations are given special consideration.

Other wet waste recycling:

Waste disposal at many plants is up to 30,000 tonnes of wet waste per year using multiple techniques. With the help of waste collectors, collection is possible even at odd hours. Recycling is the ultimate destination of whatever method one chooses to treat the fluids. One needs to consider various environmental factors during waste disposal of industrial fluids.

This might sometimes lead you to heavy fines from the council if it’s not conducted considering the guidelines. Interceptor wastes can also be treated so hire from Essex as they are best in this business to do this for you.

Oil Sludge Waste Disposal in an Environment Friendly Manner!

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Accumulation of oil sludge in your exit pipes can cause clogging blocking the out flow of fluids. This clogging can cause great environmental hazards; heavy penalty can also be earned in the mean process. Interceptor waste treatment plants separates the hazardous waste from automobiles, service stations etc. in a separate chamber. Water consisting of oil and other sediments also gets separated making this its prime feature. When you get this process done from an expert it is done in the best possible manner.


Functioning of Interceptor plant:

With subject to gravity the interceptor waste is allowed to fall into the processing system. The debris is then separated due to their size and forbidden from entering the processing system. Thereafter the liquid mixture is pumped into waste separation tank and the oil is separated with the floatation method. Fluids are further passed to other storage tank by the extraction method. This method doesn’t expose the fluids to outer environment making this waste disposal in Essex environment friendly.

Environment permits:

People who have been in this waste disposal business for quite some time would have an environmental permit. You can find many with this permit in Essex taking extra care with any exposure to the outer environment. If you are not sure of how this is undertaken, you can go through their licences describing the process or activities they undertake and the choice of the treatment plant. The other section includes the permitted waste type and quantities.

Other guidelines on the interceptor waste are available online for your personal knowledge. You can also ask for the license of the agency you hire so that even you are not charged with fines from the council.

Are you dealing with the interceptor wastes every day? Hire a professional today and get them disposed in an environment friendly way.

How Do Waste Disposal Companies Handle the Accumulated Waste?

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The tanks that are placed underground in places where the use of grease and oil is more, which also allow water to pass through trapping other wastes, are called interceptors. If the accumulation of the fluids is more, the tank can get clogged up easily causing loads of surface pollution. This might lead to company incurring loads of fines and possible prosecution due to the same.


Regular check-ups:

According to government guidelines, regular check-up of interceptor waste collector tank is essential. The damage it can cause to the environment is way too high and also the cleaning cost increases if the tank is completely blocked. Cleaning of these tanks is possible now even in areas like Essex where strict environmental protection guidelines have been set out. Here a professional can visit the site on a regular interval to avoid dire circumstances.

Technology to rescue:

With the use of technology regular cleaning is possible. The alarms prompt when it needs to be cleaned. These come with an option to be used manually and also automatically. Timely waste disposal can save your company from panicking at the last moment and saves sufficient amount of money. There are many companies providing this service in Essex which considers environmental factors along with customer’s point of view in saving money and environment.

Treating the waste:

Industrial wastes are the most hazardous making them inevitable to be disposed off safely. Once solid and the liquids are separated, those that can be recycled are separated in separate containers. Waste disposal of the one that can’t be recycled is treated so that it doesn’t affect environment.

Get your interceptor waste removed today to avoid extra costs. There are many companies in Essex that help in this process, avail their services at affordable rates now by clicking here!

A Housing Developer Was Penalised 11,000 for Disposal of Waste by Burying It!

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A housing developer in Shepway was fined £11,000 for burying excess waste disposal. He buried all the waste in the Seaway Gardens which is near St Mary's Bay. This was not the first watch from the officials; in fact they were investigating the site since September 2012 when the residents registered complaint about the same.


Dug large quantities of waste:

The site at which the waste was dumped and buried was being maintained by Stephen Edgar of Esplanade. The investigation was on and the officials found that the land was dug up several times and large amount of waste was disposed in the ground. It was buried at regular intervals for one year. Avoid doing such things on your own and hire a licensed firm that dispose the interceptor waste with legal procedures.

Soil samples taken:

The investigation council officials took the samples of soil from the garden and have reported the burying of waste in excess. This report led the person to fine such huge amount from the officials. Make sure that you never face such problems by trying it on your own. Hire an expert for waste disposal in Essex who have right to dispose any waste legally.

The notes were not clear of disposing the waste and as a result Shepway District Council fined more than £11,000 for the same. If you are looking to dispose any kind of material, it might whether interceptor waste or septic tank waste, you must hire a trustworthy firm in Essex to be on a safer side.

All About GCP Training and The Courses You Must Attend in the Coming Months!

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In the world of advanced medicine practices, it has become mandatory for the personnel involved in conducting clinical research to accomplish the initial and continuing education courses in order to be a good professional. And this is why they must go through the GCP training program.

During the initial years, the GCP or the Good Clinical Practice course was not mandatory. But due to the recent advancement, it has become one of the important courses.

All about the training Based on the international ethical standards, several countries including UK have adapted the GCP training guidelines. London is one of the cities in the UK, where several firms offer these training courses. However, it is important to get training from the right firm. There are additional training courses available especially for the research professionals.

Must for the clinical researchers
All the individuals that are involved in clinical research are required to take these courses. If you want to attend or take up one of these courses in London, take a look at the schedules in the upcoming months
Date: 10th Nov 2014
Subject: Introduction to GCP
Venue: Guy’s Hospital London Bridge
Date: 8th Dec 2014
Subject: Refresher Good Clinical Practice
Venue: Guy’s Hospital, London Bridge

Apart from these courses, there are courses for Paediatrics care. Make sure you attend them before applying the basics in your clinical practice.

Dorking Residents Cross Over Surrey County Council for Not Repairing Blocked Drains!

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Whether it is Dorking or Kingston, blocked drains is a huge problem everywhere! The habitants of Dorking are not happy with Surrey County Council and Thames Water. It is because the authorities have failed to bring a solution to their drainage problem which leads to water logging on their streets when it rains.


Floods galore:

The people residing and working at Chalkpit Lane and Ranmore are of the opinion that the areas around them are constantly flooded and the water takes days and weeks to subside. Residents had urged to unblock drain but Surrey County Council and Thames Water have been placing blames on each other for this issue and have left the problem the way it is. There are several private firms in Kingston and Surrey that provide with the unblocking services for the drains but unless they are called upon, it seems they can't help.

Residents speak:

A resident Derrick Goode told one of the advertisers that “We have been facing the problem of blocked drains for some years now and during rainfall, we are not able to cope with the floods.” He also added that “There is a drain near our house which is blocked most of the times and after the rains stop, the water bubbles up and comes on the road.”

Even the house owners based in Croydon face these issues sometimes in their home and during such times they call upon the companies that are approachable and are available in the nearby area. It is always better to approach professionals and unblock the draining systems. Get in touch with one of the professionals from Croydon here!