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Things to look out for when buying VoIP

Posted by angelinadesouza on January 10, 2013 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Nowadays, all types of businesses have VoIP, it is an advancing technology used as an alternative to traditional phone services. If you are thinking to buy VoIP, then you should consider some factors that can help you to have an excellent calling over the web experience. Let’s discuss the things that you should look out for when buying VoIP.

Features: you have to check when buying VoIP that it supports it all features that you need. Aside from making and receiving calls, think which other features you want for your VoIP system. Call making, forwarding, video conferencing and three way calling are a few common features of VoIP systems.

Accessibility: It is essential to ask when buying VoIP whether you will have all administrator passwords. It is sure that you will not want a VoIP that you can’t access, especially when changing users. Ask about VoIP accessibility, instead of hiring an It person to handle VoIP services.

Equipments needed: If your business is already connected to a network then it is comparatively easy to set up a VoIP. Some VoIP systems may need a number of equipment such as landline phones and private branch exchange.

System requirements: Make sure that your bandwidth capacity is enough to run a VoIP system. You should know all things if you have VoIP system.

Cost: Ask yourself that how much you are spending for a VoIP system. To find one that will meet your budgetary requirements should be your goal. You should think of the overall cost of owning and running a VoIP system.

If you are thinking for buying VoIP then you should contact VoIP service provider London. They are one of the best VoIP service provider.

What are the importance of IT support services for your business

Posted by angelinadesouza on January 9, 2013 at 4:35 AM Comments comments (10)

Nowadays, business around the world are growing at a rapid pace. Developing excellent IT systems and giving to be a desirable competition for great business competitors and keeping a solid web presence are the basic goals of these companies. However, achieving these goals is not so easy task since many risks are well known in the environment.

As a means of taking hold of the greater share of the market, modern day companies happily put their time and effort to create proper computer or IT support systems. For all types of businesses, whether old or new, they can gain wonderful accomplishments with IT support and infrastructure. Let’s discuss that why IT support services is important for your business.

The following major areas covered by IT support services:

Help desk support:

Basically, help desk is remote and offline help offered via telephone and email. The issues are resolved remotely by the IT service provider experts through support assistance and servicing. Generally the remote assistance technicians take control of a computer to resolve software and network problem by recognizing the cause of the issue.

On-site consultation support:

Companies belonging in IT infrastructure usually face problems likely software and hardware replacement and re installation, network failures. When it comes to resolving problems like these in a timely manner, on-site support is required. Many IT support companies guarantee to resolve such issues in least time during which they personally come into the workplace and resolve the issues.

Server support:

Businesses of today necessarily need a server that is installed in the workplace. The requests of customers computers are processed by these servers, which is including the retrieval of a file and distributing incoming email from the main server. It helps to link the business to the outside world, and as the middle point of the information network of a business.

Backups and Security:

Data losses are one of the most dangerous issues that many companies face. Contacting It support providers after data loss is essential because the company’s reputation and revenues greatly depend on it. Data backup, disaster recovery and business contingency services are offered by IT support companies.

It is good to contact IT support services London so that you can be on top of everything that is important to running your company.


VoIP Phones for Home and Business

Posted by angelinadesouza on December 13, 2012 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The advantage of wireless VoIP is a great choice for companies, retail organization and even hospitals to consider using. With the convergence of Wi-Fi and VoIP, Voice over wireless is predicted to be the next progress in the near future of wireless equipments.

Internet VoIP phones are going wireless. Internet phone providers have joined wireless networking with Voice over Internet Protocol telephone service to produce Wireless Fidelity VoIP phone technology. Wireless VoIP phones are known as Wi-Fi phone and voice over wireless local network areas. The function of wireless VoIP phone system needs a data network to which Wi-Fi device is combined. Internet connections are utilized from wireless hot spot allowing VoIP Wireless phones to exchange information.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has got a lot of concern now, as more companies and individuals move from traditional phone service to phone service via the Internet with advantages outweighing those of conventional phone services. Now let's discuss about the benefits of wireless VoIP Phones for Home and Business:

  • VoIP handsets are easy to use, to make a call, simply dial the number and select send. Through your VoIP carrier then calls are routed onto the public phone network.
  • VoIP phones also give an element of enabling you to keep your current contact number regardless where you choose to transfer as long as you use a high-speed Internet connection.
  • With a Wi-Fi mobile cell phone, if within a framework using Wi-Fi access, the call is passed off from the conventional mobile system to the Wi-Fi LAN, obtaining the benefits of VoIP technology is to sustain the call without dropouts.
  • A number of people now prefer VoIP to Analogue phones. Analogue or traditional cell phones are leaving the battle against VoIP when it comes to affordability, quality, standards and ease of use.
  • Wi-Fi VoIP mobile phones modify users the same comfort and mobility that they have delight in with a wireless Internet access to their homes.
  • VoIP phones work in a sizeable workplace, lower ground floor offices or manufacturing buildings while cellular phones were not working here.

Selecting a VoIP service solution for home or business. VoIP services offer resources, tips and help for selecting the best VoIP solution.

Functionality of VoIP Phone System

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A VoIP Phone system, also known as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) phones. It uses voice over Internet Protocol technology enabling telephone calls to be made over an IP network such as the Internet on behalf of the common PSTN system. It looks like a common telephone and a simple software based soft phone or a hardware device.

It converts the person’s voice into digital packets of data, enabling it to travel over an Internet connection. You can use computers and telephones arranged with converters for outgoing and incoming calls, with VoIP phone systems. It's also cost-effective for business because it offers advanced features like call waiting, messaging, call forwarding, voice mail etc. with a little fee. And some of the VoIP Phone system offers less charge for long distance or international calls than simple phone service providers. It's not only cost-effective but also they can customize to your specific branch of business.

Compared to traditional office telephone system, VoIP phone system offers superior functionality, enhances customer service, increases productivity and lower costs. A telecommuter or a home office can get connected to a VoIP system situated at a main or branch office. Branch offices within the same area, city or In another state or anywhere in the world can all be uniformly connected using your cell phones, private network and the internet.

VoIP phone system is so useful in the business because its affordable with more features compared to traditional phone system. Looking for a VoIP phone system in affordable click here.


Why Your Business Might Need It Support Services

Posted by angelinadesouza on November 30, 2012 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

First, we are discussing here about IT support. What it is? It is the process of providing help with technology related equipments such as television, computers, cell phones and digital video recorders. Regardless of what the size the company you own, it is very likely that today's technological innovation will type a part of your daily procedures. Discovering the time to make sure each and every element of your IT requirements are operating nicely and properly can be amazingly difficult, which is why handled IT support can be helpful to you, your workers and your company as a whole.

When a business is small or just beginning out, the possibilities are that financial restrictions will not allow a fully fledged IT division, or even a lasting IT professional and there may not even be a need for full-time assistance. Handled IT support is the most ideal solution. Preferring for handled IT support on behalf of employing an IT specialist is a good service provider will be made up of knowledgeable professionals that have ability in all areas of IT from server management to particular IT projects. Offering you choose a reliable and well-established company, your IT needs can be met regardless of what the size your business or the industry it drops into.

These are the benefits of IT support. You have to choose an experienced and reputed company for IT support. There are many it support companies but it support London is one of the best and provide satisfied services.

What is VoIP? Explain with advantages and disadvantages

Posted by angelinadesouza on November 26, 2012 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (4)

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a method of making calls via internet protocol networks. It is also known as Internet telephony, IP telephony, broadband telephony.

VoIP converts the voice signal into a digital signal that can travel over the internet. It means with VoIP analog voice signals are converted into packets of data. These packets travel like any other types of data like any private or public internet, emails. With the use of VoIP you can call cell phones or land line. You can also call with both parties talking into a computer microphone and listening through speakers or headphones.


  • One of the best advantages of VoIP is the lower cost. Its services are cheaper than standard phone services. And is specially used in long distance international calls.
  • Another advantage of VoIP is portability. It can be accessed from anywhere you can access the internet. It makes phone calls as easy as email and as plug and play.
  • There are many other advantages like multi calling, call forwarding/waiting, caller ID. Voice mail. You can also send files like documents and pictures at the same time you are talking on the phone.


  • The major drawback of VoIP is that it will be inaccessible, if there should be a power outage. It wholly depends on electricity like internet servers.
  • VoIP phones are susceptible to attacks, as like any other internet based services.
  • It is one the biggest disadvantage of VoIP. Sometimes if you have a poor internet connection and over-crowding can result distorted in voice quality.

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What is VOIP?

Posted by angelinadesouza on September 24, 2012 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (1)

VOIP is an acronym for the voice over internet protocol. It is an IP telephony system used for set of facilities and managing the delivery of voice information over internet. The VOIP sends voice information in digital form in discrete packets.


One of the major advantages of VOIP is to call at cheaper rates or even free. The other outstanding facility of this system is that it avoids the toll charges charged by the ordinary telephony company. VOIP is derived from VOIP Forum and is the effort of equipment provided to the use of ITU T H 323. The standards adopted for sending voice messages and video using IP on the public internet, thus apart from calling you can so other task as well. The forum also promotes the user of directory service standard in order to enable vie are only possible with the private him to locate the other user.

In addition to IP, VOIP uses the real time protocol to help and ensure user for its timely delivery. With public service it is difficult to provide deliver Quality Service on time. Sometimes better services seem to be only possible with the private managed network provider or by internet telephony provider. Thus, a technique used by the well know equipment manufacturer, Adir Technology ensures faster delivery of the packet. VOIP comes free over the standard internet service infrastructure using IP protocol.

Uses of VOIP

When it comes to the uses of the VOIP, it has mainly two benefits i.e. lower cost and increased functionality. The VOIP costs less than those of the traditional sources. Beside this, you get single network to carry voice and data saves you more extra cost cut.Moreover, VOIP calls are mostly free though you have to incur the charges of the internet. There are a number of services that get facilitated by service such as free world dial up, Skype etc. Some of the features associated with VOIP calls are really out of the box as it routes the incoming anywhere you plug in. Therefore, you can carry your VOIP phones anywhere and start working talking, working, enjoying with zooming fast speed.

Five Things You Should Know About VoIP

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We have done research and found out some major five things you should know about VoIP, when you roll out for VoIP service.

Here are following five things you should know about VoIP:

  1. VoIPgives you not only free calls rather provide other services- thisservice provides more features apart from calls by online. Voice overIP technology offers services like business solutions, VoIP resellerprograms, VoIP telephony and wholesale carrier’s services etc.
  2. VoIPis a low investment- you can become a VoIP reseller by investingminimum investments with ease integration. You can easily maintain andown the VoIP equipments. It is the main point between five things youshould know about VoIP.
  3. VoIP has great sound quality- VoIPsound is like HD voice that makes a CD quality voice. It ismisconception by people that it does not provide good quality, we musttell you hear that sound quality does not depend on VoIP even it depends on your internet connection factors.
  4. VoIP can connect you to the overseas- The whole world can be created at your home or business premise as by installing a VoIP system you can meet with worldwide clients, irrespectively hours and days. Asbusinesses can interface with the more clients from out of the city atone time with VoIP service.
  5. Save your money with VoIP- thebigger businesses can cut a lot of cost with VoIP as they can equippedthe whole office systems with VoIP service, by doing this they no need to add conventional phones in the office.

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Determine Most Effective IT Support London

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May be you are planning to build a business that will take IT support for smooth working. That we determine here about most effective IT support London services for your IT solutions. London IT support likely to be verycrucial that offers round the clock services and assure you for best ITservices. Your business needs expansion but it can expand if you getthe right IT services that exceed the IT standard. Hence you can get most effective IT support in London.


London IT support is very broad that provides IT service andsolutions into vital worldwide organizations whether these are smallmedium or large. The London IT department helps most effectivelywhether you need any assistance or manage to your computer systems. The London IT support team always live on the on-site, where you can take help of any kind of IT support with their expert IT staff.


The best professionals are there in London IT support departmentwho assures to provide best IT solutions at anywhere in the world. TheLondon IT support department is very friendly and fast that offersservices of 24 hours contracts facility, Email-anti spam solutions,hosted desktop service and remote and on-site engineers help etc.

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VoIP Phone System - How it helps Business

Posted by angelinadesouza on July 26, 2012 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

As small and medium-sized firms always reconsider charge, the rising amount of business is usually recognized substantial savings without sacrificing convenience as well as output simply by changing standard landline telephone methods together with VoIP or even Voice over internet protocol phone techniques.

VoIP, one of many quickest expanding technologies, changes a tone of voice transmission in a digital signal so that it might be transmitted on the internet as data. Then this signal is actually transformed returning to the speech transmission around the acquiring facet to ensure people could talk to a person with this particular or other type of phone. This provides you the ability to search on the internet as being a large worldwide phone system along with eliminating many extra support along with cross country fees along the way.

If you have access to the high speed connection, you can use the VoIP system wherever, such as in a college accommodation or in your own home. Buyers and also workers can stay in contact simply by getting in touch with your regular organization telephone number. Several VoIP telephone numbers might be constructed to be able to together ring about several devices including a cell as well as landline phone just before moving for you to voicemail. To advance the IP telephone (or even traditional cell phone which has a Voice over internet protocol adapter) to a different area as well as various high speed circle simply locate your circle jack as well as plug it in. As these methods are certainly not tied to a unique area you can often decide your personal area code which can be especially advantageous should you be looking to cooperate with companies throughout another area.

VoIP is a great solution with regard to small, and channel dimension companies due to the versatility and also inexpensive. That allows small enterprises to consider the advantage of the actual innovative interaction methods with no including big systems using important startup charges. Nonetheless, not one option is suitable for every business.